The palette “gourmet aperitif” – 9,50 €
Assortment of small treats with peck and spread, alone or to share

Montana salad – 14 €
Salad, tomatoes, croutons, chiffonnade of Savoy ham, Beaufort cubes, tomme, blueberry vinegar

Caesar salad from our house – 14 €
Salad, chopped with warm chicken, chorizo ​​chips, anchovy fillet, croutons, parmesan shavings, Caesar vinegar

Shepherd’s salad – 14 €
Salad, tomatoes, warm goat cheese toast, cottage cheese, granny smith apple, chorizo ​​chips, poached egg, balsamic vinegar


Raclette table wood stove (on reservation) – 19,50 €
Raclette cheese, salami, green salad and potatoes

Montana plancha – 18 €
Assortment of cold cuts and cheeses, condiments and green salad, french fries

The real soup of Montana – 9,90 €
1/2 liter of broth garnished with fresh vegetables, Savoyard bacon, and Diot de Savoie smoked (served from 10h to 17h non stop)

Tartiflette traditional Savoyard dish – 16,50 €
Gratinated potatoes with bacon, onions, cream and creamy reblochon french cheese, green salad

Savoyard cutlet – 16,90 €
Pan-fried turkey escalope covered with creamy reblochon french cheese and onions, french fries

Molten fondue of Montana – 18 €
Creamy cheese served in its “fondue box”, potatoes, assorted deli meats, green salad

Croziflette – 16 €
Gratinated with crozets (traditional Savoyard pasta), bacon, onions, cream, reblochon, creamy beaufort, green salad

Mac Montana XXL – 18,50 €

Minced beef 150 gr, grilled speck, red onion, tomato, gherkin, raclette cheese and melted reblochon, mustard with blueberry, french fries and green salad

Today’s speciality dish along with other special dishes waiting for you depending on the seasons …


Chocolate fondant and blueberries heart, custard – 6,50 €

Pecan pie and coconut ice cream – 6,50 €

White cheese – 5,50 €
Nature / jam blueberry or strawberry or raspberry or apricot / caramel house

Blueberry tartlet – 7 €

Crème brûlée with Génépi (traditional alcohol – 6,50 €

and much more at the restaurant …


Menu suitable for children under 10 years – 8,50 €

White ham or chicken nuggets with fries + a compote or a small pot of vanilla / chocolate ice cream


Portion of fries – 5 €

Frankfurter sausage, french fries – 11,50 €

Steak chopped fries – 12,50 €

Homemad Croque monsieur – 10,50 €

Sandwiches, paninis, and salty pancakes are also available at the restaurant…